by Alethea Awuku December 22, 2019


Have you ever been in a place where spiritually you feel dry?

Our spiritual tanks are close to running on empty, flashing red - a warning sign that if we do not fill up immediately, we will dry up, die out, grow weary and come to a grinding halt.

Recently I have been drawn to the REAL truth that the amount of time I invest into my spiritual life is just not enough because I can never have too much of God.

Now when I say this, the overachiever in me instantly wants to strive to do more in a feeble attempt to fill up this deep well of dryness and to prove to myself that I love God, but wisdom has taught me that it's not in my doing that I am filled up, but it is in my being with Jesus. 

The place of surrender.

My surrender.

My willing, desperate and full place of surrender.

Oh Lord, fill this dry and thirsty heart to chase after you once more.


In my attempt to understand my season of dryness, one of the areas of my life that the Lord drew me to was possessions.

And He said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” (Luke 12:15)

There is an insatiable appetite within us. It is buried deep within our souls, and was given to us as a gift. The constant need, and compulsion for something. Someone. God.

To be filled wholly and completely by Him. 

But in what is typical of our broken and wayward way, this appetite is diverted to thingsOne of the areas that I have been drawn to personally is the constant desire and pursuit of things to appease, and provide value to my life.

The essence of my life however does not consist of things. The more I surrender to this area however, the more appetite I have for it, until it begins to numb something in me.

Too many things physically can fill the heart spiritually and crowd God out.

It's all too easy to fall into the love and strong pursuit of things when we turn our attention to other people's lives and their possessions daily.

I know that you know this. So do I. Yet I was reminded of this, and so want to remind you too. Again.

Who we become and how we grow in the Lord is far more valuable than what we could ever acquire in this world.


When our pursuits, desires and preoccupations centre so much on the earthly, we give it authority to move up the ranks. Worldly things become our priority, and we will eventually get to a place when we realise that they don't fill the deep ache in our hearts.

You may not be at the place yet.

But you'll get there.

Because nothing else is capable of fueling and filling your life like Jesus.

The Word of God admonishes us to turn our eyes away from the world and rather focus on the spiritual formation of our character in Christ.

But let's be honest, once we can quote a few scriptures, know a few good Bible stories to keep us ticking along, who really has the extra time and motivation to keep filling up when we can binge on Youtube and other favourite means of entertainment?


Just like a little leaven- a little bit of it here, and there will eventually result in a complete take over. If we don't frequent the true well of living water, we'll soon realise that we have allowed something that seems innocent enough to pull us away from God.

We'll be dry.

And we'll lack motivation and responsiveness.

Yours may not be physical possessions, but it could be anything else. Food, social media, money, pursuit of career, marriage, children. 

Watch what seems to be a subtle obsession of the heart. Be honest with yourself, because that's only when repentance and healing can take place.

I don't judge you.

I am often in this place.

Needing to repent, to ask for a refilling, expressing gratitude for the mercy, grace and restoring nature of God.

My ask of you is that you keep an eye on your own soul. Appraise yourself often and be honest with the Lord about where you are.

He knows anyway.

Prioritise and become much more discerning with the things that consume your time, energy and resources, and ask the Lord for the heart to come back to Him.

Alethea Awuku
Alethea Awuku


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