by Alethea Awuku March 05, 2019

The Echoes of Her Heart blog post- Mothering with eternity in mind

My work as a mother, is to live unto the glory of God, and steward, nurture, raise and point my children to this very God who sent his Son to do his mighty work on the cross in our place to pay the just penalty for our sins.

It's a hard work.

An intimidating prospect.

The cost is high.

But a responsibility given to us with an unlimited resource of grace, wisdom and help by God Himself.

Before my son was born I would often stare at my growing belly, with its jabs and movement signifying the life inside of me.

The Echoes of Her Heart blog post- Mothering with eternity in mind

The life inside of me.

New life, untouched by this world and yet so familiar with its fallen disposition.

A whole new human being to grace this earth with his presence. One who God has known before he was even conceived.


Far be it from me that I'll become so preoccupied with the externals- the clothes, shoes, socials, and constant photographs, that I am blinded to the most crucial part of my child- The essence of a developing character and personality which needs to be shepherded to know and love God. 

Preparing to steward another life as God would desire and leads us to is no small thing. It requires all of you. Your sacrifice (a vision worthy of this), sensitive communication,  your dependence on God, and your death in several ways in order that another might live.

Such a change from my personal life.

For the longest time I was extremely nervous.

The Echoes of Her Heart blog post- Mothering with eternity in mind

What a responsibility. In our current climate where gangs and knife crime is increasing, can I raise up a young boy into a man who walks to the beat of a different drum, and sets a new pace and standard?

Can I do this? 

What if I fail?

Do I have the energy and motivation to be so hands-on, and intentional with this new life?

This beautiful boy who will show me the wonders and mysteries of life, and yet will be plagued by sin himself. How do I steward that?

How many books do I have to read, and how many sermons do I have to watch?

Will all this information stay in my brain and present itself in uncanny wisdom when it is needed the most?

What if I fail?

Proverbs 2:6 says; For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding...

The reality is that we cannot adequately steward a child- steward anything for God without His wisdom, and eternity being our goal and hearts ambition.

And when eternity becomes our focal point, we realise that we are not alone in this equation of mothering and shepherding.

Oh, it is far much bigger than us, and requires another effort unmatched.

That of God and His eagerness to come alongside us as we figure things out, lean into Him for strength and wisdom, in order to pour back into our homes.


Once we decide to mother with eternity in mind, the focus shifts and we are no longer alone.

We cease to become the standard and the end of our child's life, and we gladly and willingly step aside to point them to the place of passion- the majestic cross that saved our very own lives from spiritual death.

That becomes the beginning and the end, as it is the only thing that can adequately and biblically address a sinful heart, bringing it to true repentance.

Redemption integrated with everyday life in a fallen world.

Only Jesus can take what training we give feeble as it is, and multiply it a thousand times in the heart of a young one-

All for His glory.

This is my earnest desire, and constant prayer.

The Echoes of Her Heart blog post- Mothering with eternity in mind

Alethea xo


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Alethea Awuku
Alethea Awuku


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