by Alethea Awuku August 04, 2018

The Echoes of Her Heart blog post- Sometimes, unplug

Sometimes life can get so busy. Overcrowded and our round the clock schedules can prove to become so demanding and taxing on our lives. There are many strings which tug on our precious hearts, emotions, time and energy and because we want to do it all, we always fall for the bait to try and be superwoman!

At times it may not even be that we are physically doing many things; it is more that our minds are so rammed with multiple things competing to be the centre of attention. More often than I would care to admit, I have laid my head down to rest, or kneeled down to pray and rather than connect with the Lord; my attention is drawn to the many things that are going on around me and the things that I need to do. It can be a very frustrating thing!

At times, I have woken up and immediately begun to think about the million and one things that need to be done in that day and do you know what the instant feeling and reaction is? worry, distraction and a sense of urgency to beat the clock. Thinking alone can sometimes make me tired and when I get to this stage I realise that it is really time to pull away from all of the to do lists and plug back into the things that boost the grace of God in my heart. I am not even a mother yet and the pace of my life at times is shocking. I wonder what I would do once I have a child/children! (Lord willing).

Life can become too busy and I have realised that there will always be things that seek to compete for my time.

I am reminded of the Mary and Martha story in Luke 10: 38-42 which I have previously blogged about here. This story will never get old for me. Every time I hear the story or cast my mind back to it I am instantly convicted because although I believe that we would all agree with the moral of the story, to not be preoccupied with being busy I believe that we would also agree that on most days, life just happens. From the moment we wake up to the moment that we fall asleep we are on a treadmill running, not even knowing where the time disappears to. There have been many days where I have been reduced to tears and succumbed to the thoughts of my life being a total failure because I could not fit all of the activities that I had planned into 24 hours. In a desperate and exasperated plea a few weeks ago I reached out to the Lord with these following words:

“Lord, I just don’t understand. You have given me 24 hours in a day. How is it that my life doesn’t seem to fit into this day. I know that you don’t make mistakes and you have given me 24 hours for a reason. Where am I going wrong??”



I chewed over this question for several days until I was reminded once again about this profound story of Mary and Martha. In Verse 41 of this passage Jesus tells Martha that she is worried and troubled about many things. 

That’s it. Our hearts and minds can become so concerned and preoccupied with many things that in light of eternity are not crucial. We are not the first to have ‘a million and one things’ to do nor will we be the last. Many of the things that we become so anxious about are passing and momentary things. We have been given a chance however to truly know Jesus, receive Salvation and to walk with Him through the various seasons of our lives- having the sweet Holy Spirit guide and lead us. This is crucial for our purpose and assignment and here on this earth. The important thing therefore is to remember that even in the midst of our schedules;  the one thing that can never ever be taken away from us is our relationship with our Lord, and the blocks that we use to build this relationship.

It is one thing to desire to do something worthy and “grace boosting”, however if we do not actually put our feet onto the pedals we won’t be going anywhere. We will remain in the same place, stagnant, frustrated all the while wishing for the very thing that we could have matured in. There is a true treasure to be found in walking with Jesus and I want to know and experience it in my life now.

However  I know that it is not always easy, and so I need to intentionally make time for it and get away. I thought I would share some of the things that I do with you..

  1. I go for long walks with the Lord. I put my trainers on, get my headphones and music and just walk, and pray.
  2. Dinner dates, lunch dates, coffee- sometimes it is nice to get away to a different environment with my journal, headphones and music and just write prayers to the Lord and the things that He drops into my spirit, as well as to study scripture passages. Sometimes these can be before work! So get into a coffee shop early in the morning an hour before work and just write. Its so beautiful and refreshing as a start to the day.
  3. Personal retreats. Take yourself away for a few days, rest, pray, fast, worship and tune into the Lord. He’ll meet you there. It is beautiful and can be a great opportunity for healing in many areas and further revelation or understanding 
  4. Early morning journaling, prayer and worship. There is something about the early mornings that does it for me. Everything is still asleep or just waking- including myself and I feel more of a vulnerability and sensitivity at that time.

I would love to hear what you also do to unplug from the world and plug more into the Lord! Remember that it is this relationship that counts towards eternity and so should be prioritised over all things.

Alethea Awuku
Alethea Awuku


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