Journal- Fully known, deeply loved

A beautiful journal to write and document your thoughts, dreams, desires prayers and conversations with God.

This journal is undated, you can write in your own dates each time you write.

Each page is dedicated to something different. On the first page you write down the topic of meditation, study or reflection, then a "selah" moment page to pause, reflect and journal what is on your heart, a page to discuss how God is dealing with you, and lastly a page to document your prayers.

You can use this journal to document your intimate moments with your Lord. It will serve as a powerful, tangible reminder of His activity in your heart and life.

Product spec: 
- A5 size (approx) spiral bound journal- 41.5x20x23cm 
- 150 inner pages
- Made with high quality 80gsm paper 
- Binding: gold spiral binding

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